ConnectED 2011 - 2015

ConnectED (formerly known as DECSPO in 2011) is an induction event for new corporate staff, early career and pre-service teachers as well as teachers returning to teaching.Delighted to be working with DECS again, ConnectED 2012 proved to be a very successful EMA managed event. The program included workshops, main stage panels and speakers at the National Wine Centre.


Forty-two exhibitors from a range of DECS work units, professional associations and education providers showcased resources and information on policies and important initiatives that help children and students learn, teachers-to-teach and leaders-to-lead. EMA provided guidance and worked with Adelaide Expo Hire to ensure the site layout and all appropriate and requested facilities were delivered for the exhibitors. We created runs sheets, managed safety, carparking, signage, toilet facilities and catering.

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